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Virginia Horse Country is an independently owned website written for the Virginia equestrian community. Our readers share a common love and respect for our sport horse heritage and for the open countryside that has long supported it.


VHC readership includes professionals and amateur enthusiasts from the disciplines of:


  • Dressage
  • Hunter/Jumper
  • Foxhunting
  • Driving
  • Eventing
  • Polo
  • Trail riding


VHC offers informed, valuable content to a broad cross section of readers whose singular passion for horses presents advertisers with a valuable, demographic opportunity to showcase their products and services.


Fact:    Horse ownership is increasing in Virginia with an estimated 215,000 horses in the state. Owners are spending well over $850 million annually on horse-related expenses. That averages out to more than $4,000 per horse.


Fact:    Nearly 1,200 horse shows and events are held each year in Virginia, with close to a million people attending, generating roughly $25 million in revenue.


Fact:    Virginia Horse Country is on its way toward becoming a premium niche e-zine for sport horse enthusiasts across the state of Virginia. Our introductory rate and advertising options include:



2017/2018 Advertising Rates


WEBSITE                              SIZE                           PRICE


Leaderboard                           728 x 90                      $500/month

Top Poster                             300 x 250                    $500/month

Skyscraper                             160 x 300                    $400/month

Second Posters                      300 x 250                    $400/month

Properties channel takeover    leaderboard, poster,    $750/month

                                              and skyscraper


Website takeover                    leaderboard, poster     $1,250/month

                                              skyscraper on each page          





Virginia Horse Country Update               $500/month (2x per month)




Contact our VIRGINIA HORSE COUNTRY media solutions consultant:


Barry Rosenberg 571-422-6822

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