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Dear Fellow Equestrian,


There’s an old joke about how many Virginians it takes to change a light bulb. The answer is three; one to change it and two to reminisce about how good the old one was.


Welcome to Virginia Horse Country, the website about equestrian life in VA—both yesterday and today. VHC can transport a reader almost anywhere across this countryside of ours: through the gates of a top show barn outside Washington, D.C., or deep in the Shenandoah Valley where Gen. Robert E. Lee’s favorite horse was once bred.


Through a lively interplay of interviews, essays and features, readers will be taken on a journey that’s part current events, part historical reminiscence, a little humorous, and always engaging and relevant. You’ll meet up with interesting horse people and colorful personalities, learn from top trainers and competitors, enjoy the wealth of equestrian art from artists around the region.


From barn designers and architects to concerned landowners quietly working behind the scenes to protect our country way of life, it's all here at VHC. Be it a travel destination, a great new book, a bit of history or just some backyard horse humor, VHC will bring together everything horsey under one virtual roof, and for free—each issue ushered in by good writing and highlighted by four-color photographs, photo galleries and video galleries.


Lively and authentic, Virginia Horse Country is for Virginians who already know that living the good life is about the sheer privilege of living with horsesthose noble creatures who've given us so much sport over the years, whose beauty and simple hearts have stamped the land with a heritage that endures today.


It's a light bulb thing. 


Catherine Macaulay

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher


For more equestrian humor, essays, columns, commentary and photo galleries, please go to:

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